Livestock Judging Practice

Livestock Judging Practice starts @ 4:30 pm at the Extension Office Contact:  Dwight Sexton for questions 830.672.8531

Educational Presentation

Be ready to present your Educational Presentation come prepared to do your best. Location: PACE Building (623 N. Fair Street)  

Poinsettia Pre-Orders Due

Poinsettia Pre-Orders Due into the Extension office to ensure your 4-H orders are filled.

Lunch and Learn with the Master Gardeners

Lunch and Learn with the Master Gardeners Have you ever wondered about carnivorous plants?  How many are there?  Where do they live?  How do they catch their food?  Can they eat my neighbor’s noisy pet? Carnivorous plants are fun to grow as indoor or outdoor plants.  Some are even native to Texas!  They are a great conversation starter, make fascinating additions for any gardener and bring out the kid in all of us. A lunch and learn program about Carnivorous Plants is going to be offered and hosted... Read More →